I Have a Thing for Trees

The last time I was out and about with the intention of taking pictures, was in November 2016, in Berlin.

Red Bark
Anglesey Abbey, March 2016

After that, it took me some time to organise and process the work I came back with. During the Christmas holidays, I read a few articles about post-processing in Lightroom and learned a few tricks I wanted to apply to older photos. Time flew.

Entangled – Anglesey Abbey, March 2016

Going through last year’s photos, I found quite a few of them have trees as a subject. Trees are fascinating and elegant, no matter the season. They can easily set the mood of a photo.

Some trees struck me more than others, like the ones at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. They’re beautiful figures in a former place of terror and death, and probably their falling leaves and autumnal aspect contributed to the disturbing atmosphere.


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